About Us


Bio-Science Institute started as a division of one of the leading Anti-aging medical practices in the world. Originally our supplements were made exclusively for the patients of our clinics. The first supplement we formulated was for weight loss and energy. We had 900 patients take it for 60 days and the results were dramatic. Most reported impressive fat loss and all reported increase in energy, improved mood and better mental focus. Because the results from our patients were so great we decided to make this supplement available to everyone. The exact same formula that worked so well for our patients is available to you. Its called Absfuel High Energy Fat Burner. This is a non-jittery weight loss product. It is not a miracle pill that you can take and the fat will just melt off you. I know there are lots of infomercial's and magazine ads that lead you to believe that you can just take their pill and eat whatever you want while lounging on the couch and the fat will just disappear but that is deceptive and clearly not the case. The key to losing fat/weight is by improving your diet and exercising more. That is a lot easier said than done. Its easy for us to say we want to lose fat and are going to eat healthy, that is until the waiter brings out the bread basket with those warm rolls and butter that smell so good. That is when our lack of will power rears its ugly head. That is where Absfuel is so effective. It contains a powerful appetite suppressant. When you take Absfuel you will be less hungry which will enable you to make better food choices and when you make bad choice you will eat less of them. The other part of the equation to losing fat is exercise. The problem is we all work hard and have so much going on that we just do not have the energy to go for a walk/run or get to the gym. Absfuel provides a great feeling long lasting energy. When you take Absfuel sitting around doing nothing is not as appealing as it once was. The bottom line is that Absfuel will force you to eat better and exercise more.In addition there are ingredients that will assist in thyroid function and help regulate glucose levels.

Absfuel was soon available at supplement stores, gyms, and online retailers worldwide. The only complaint we ever got was from those that wanted a stronger stimulant. We learned that there is a large segment of the population that loves that amped up feeling. We put our team of formulators to work and they came up with, what is now known as Absfuel Xtreme. This formula has a much stronger stimulant. It has the same appetite suppressant as regular Absfuel but a much stronger stimulant effect.


We then decided to enter the pre-workout space. We knew this would be a difficult challenge as there are so many other brands available. We knew we had to make something really special to separate us from all the others. We came up with a formula that we knew was far superior to anything currently on the shelves. When we showed this formula to our manufacture they said it could not be done. It would be way to expensive to

make. They said we needed to cut back on certain ingredients and eliminate others. We said no. We knew this would mean we would either have to charge a much higher price than the other brands or charge the same price and make very little margin. We chose the latter. With Absfuel Primer you are getting an ultra premium pre-workout supplement for the same price or less than other inferior brands. You will also notice that all ingredient amounts are fully disclosed on the label. We are putting an end to the proprietary blend. Starting with Absfuel Primer and all of our future products we will fully disclose all ingredient amounts. Its your body and you have a right to know what you are putting in it. We will be changing the label on Absfuel and Absfuel Xtreme as well on all future production runs.

We take great pride in our current products and have many exciting and innovative supplements in the developmental stage. The next to be launched is Absfuel PM which is a sleep/recovery/fat burner/hgh and Testosterone booster all in one, night time formula.