Why should I eat every 3 hours?

Posted by absfuel 01/15/2014 0 Comment(s)

I am sure you have heard that instead of eating three big meals a day it is better to eat smaller meals every three hours. The theory behind this revolves around maintaining steady glucose levels. Your glucose levels should range between 70 -100 mg/dl. When it goes higher than 100 or lower than 70 there are consequences that will prevent you from reaching your goals of adding muscle and or losing fat. You see our bodies are designed to be fat storing machines. Glucose is stored in the fat and the muscle. When your levels go over 100 the excess glucose finds a home mostly in the fat cells and to a lesser extent muscles. So you say to yourself If I dont eat then I will lose the fat. While that is partially true but there is one small problem. As fat storing machines when our glucose levels drop below 70 the body looks for stored glucose for energy. Where does it go first to get it. The muscles. If you eat a low glycemic snack in between meals you can maintain healtthy glucose levels and lose body fat while at the same time adding muscle. Absolute Fuel assists in maintaining healthy glucose levels.

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