Pre-Workout Supplement

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If you walk into any supplement store or visit any online supplement site you will find that pre workout supplements are one of the  most popular items. There are hundreds to choose from. There are big bottles, little bottles, red bottles and blue bottles.There are labels that are fancy and some that are plain . So says dr Seuss. Lets first discuss the smaller bottles. These are known as concentrates. The usual serving size is around 5 grams. They often contain stimulants, creatine, beta alanine ,  arginine or agmatine and some chemical names you cant pronounce. When you look at the label you will see the ingredients listed and they will lump them together in groups with impressive names which they usually call a matrix. The “turbo energy” matrix or the ” vascular3x’ matrix. They will list the amount of MG in that particular matrix which will consist of 3 or 4 ingredients. The problem is you have no idea of how much of each it contains. The proprietary blend. Why you ask do they not tell me how much of each ingredient is in it. I am ingesting it into my body dont I have a right to know. The supplement companies will lead you to believe they do this so nobody will copy their formula. That is total bs. It is done so they can list ingrediients even if they only sprinkle a little in. I use agmatine as an example. Agmatine in my opinion is the most important ingredient a pre workout can contain. It is really expensive though. I contend that the effective dose is 1000mg. There is no way, however, that they can include 1000mg per serving and sell it for $30 while maintaining their margins and being able to pay for the expensive ads that lured you into buying it. Their solution, use 250 mg lump it together with other ingredients so you have no clue how much you are getting yet they can boast their supplelemt contains agmatine.  They usually retail for around $30 for 30 servings. It must be good because some super jacked up dude or a smoking hot chick in muscular development magazine appears in an ad leaving you with the impression that this pre workout got them in the shape they are in and if you take it you can look like them. So you go to the store and spend the $30 with the hopes that this is the new miracle supplement you have been seeking. You open it up and take out the tiny little 5 gram scooper. Mix it with water. It kind of taste good. After all it is the new rootie tootie fresh and fruity flavor of the month. You drink it up and in about 10 minutes you start to feel the tingling . That would be the beta alanine. You then start to feel the energy rush from the caffeine. Wow this stuff is great. you feel tingly and shakey. Off to the gym you go. You do get a better workout because of the caffeine buzz. A few hours go by and it wears off and you find yourself nodding off, The dreaded crash. Surely I must have derived some other benefit from this concentrated pre workout other than a caffeine buzz and a tingly feeling you ask yourself. I  say no. In a 5 gram scoop there is not enough of any ingredient other than stimulants to give you the benefits you seek. I say emphatically that concentrated pre workout supplements are a waste of money . I think I saw an ad the other day were Gaspari said ” concentrated pre-workouts are bullshit” . I agree . I must admit I followed the hurd and used a proprietary blend with my Absolute Fuel fat burners. That is going to change and amounts of each ingredient will be listed. All future supplelments bring to market will offer full disclosure. If you use an effective amount of each ingredient there is nothing to hide. To be continued…….

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